„Smart Cities - smart mobility“

Austria’s largest conference on electromobility, the “e-mobility conference graz 2013”, will take place at the Graz City Hall’s conference centre on 30 and 31 January 2013.


In 2013, the core goal of the e-mobility conference is not too different from the objectives of previous years: a realignment of our mobility remains the core issue of this get-together in the Graz City Hall. One thing, however, is becoming a lot clearer in 2013: the sophistication and compatibility of the individual technologies is increasing dramatically. This is why at the e-mobility conference 2013, the focus is on all types of future-oriented drive concepts. Because only with a farsighted approach is it possible to pave Austria’s way towards innovative mobility – a future, in which the words particulate matter or CO2 pollution no longer bear any relevance.

In detail, the following issues will be covered:

  • Strategy
  • Battery
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Low emission zone
  • Energy
  • Emotion
  • Alternative drives
  • Smart City
  • Design
  • Practical application


Videos on the conference 2012 as a brief retrospection:

Steiermark 1

Kleine Zeitung TV



Bgm. Siegfried Nagl, LR Dr. Petra Bohuslav und Minister DI Nikolaus Berlakovich

Lars Thomsen

Keynote on 31 January 2013

Founder and Chief Futurist of the “future matters” think tank

Lars Thomsen is considered one of the most influential trend researchers and futurists in the German-speaking area. Lars Thomsen and his team focus on research areas such as: the future of work, developments in the areas of energy and resources, electric mobility, corporate culture, marketing and media, as well as artificial intelligence. Lars Thomsen is 44 years old and lives in Zurich with his family.
Photo: FBP 2008

Jean-François Decaux

Keynote on 30 January 2013

Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer JCDecaux SA

In 1982, Jean-François Decaux (53) joined the family business. He started up the German subsidiary, which in 1990 was relocated to London. Over the years, he developed the company into a global player, mainly through organic growth. As the Chairman and CEO, he actively participates in the development of new designs and collaborates with architects and designers with international reputation. He also participates in the development of services, such as, for example, a successful self-service bicycle rental system which operates in 67 cities worldwide.
Photo: Gilles DACQUIN